quinta-feira, 20 de Novembro de 2014

USS Olympia  - 1/232 Revell/Encore
Figures - Pendraken
Civil people - Musket Miniatures
Sailors - Rod Langton Miniatures

(Class 1-3-0 T locomotive - Sugar Plantation Railway)

That's right guys, CB is taking a break from the WWI scene, to bring us another FANTASTIC dio!

Who cares about the locomotive?

Check out this outstanding warship!

The USS Olympia was a protected cruiser that saw service in the US Navy from 1895 until 1922, and fought at the battle of Manila Bay (that took place in 1 May 1898), during the Spanish-American War

This ship is still in "active service" nowadays, since it is used as a museum ship (Independence Seaport Museum) in city of Philadelphia (US state of Pennsylvania), although it seems that it needs urgent repairs. 

Keep bringing it CB!


terça-feira, 18 de Novembro de 2014

Brigada Tripeira at Salute 2015

That's right guys!
From Oporto to London, for the first time, The Brigada Tripeira goes to Salute 2015!!

See you there!

domingo, 2 de Novembro de 2014

WWI Locomotives & War - by Carlos Briz

Figures - Pendraken

(Class 060 locomotive - Great Western Railways)

The WWI saga goes on!

Here it is, another great dio, this time related to the Home Front, where CB translates the hustle and tussle associated with the boarding of men and materiel in a loading dock, destined for the front.

There are samples for every taste, from artillery pieces to cavalry units of every kind (with a suspended water tank, as icing on the cake...)!

From the American Civil War, where, for the first time, trains where extensively used to transport substancial quantities of men and hardware around the war theatre, to the war of 1866, involving the Prussians, trains became a relevant strategic factor, that was also extensively considered during WWI.

Keep bringing them on CB!


segunda-feira, 20 de Outubro de 2014

WWI Locomotives & War - by Carlos Briz

Figures - Magister Militum

(Class 0-3-0-0 locomotive - French Northen Region Railways)

This is a big one!

From the Russian steppes to the French vineyards, but still within the 1914's time frame, CB brings us another great dio related to WWI.

In 1914 and , we can say, as usual, the German juggernaut carried everything in it's front, until a deadlock became installed, in the form  of trenches, stretching for miles within the western front.

For those of you interested in a good war story related to WWI, do not miss out on the book "Storm of Steel", by Ernest Jünger, who conveys his experiences as a front line officer, leading troops in extensive trench warfare.

CB: now I want to see a locomotive used in the Gallipoli Campaign!


A Brigada Tripeira vai ao Modelmaia 2014

Caros amigos, a Brigada Tripeira vai estar presente, mais uma vez, no Modelmaia.
Nos próximos dias 25 e 26, vamos efectuar um jogo da WWII demonstrativo das regras Battlegroup e que irá abranger o teatro de operações na frente oeste da Europa no início do ano de 1945 (livro Fall Of the Reich).

Além disso, têm a oportunidade de apreciar ao vivo alguns dos dioramas fantásticos do nosso amigo Carlos Briz!


terça-feira, 14 de Outubro de 2014

The Brigada Tripeira in "Modelismo em Maceda" - Otan Air Force Base

The Brigada Tripeira wargaming Group, participated in another "Modelismo em Maceda", an annual modeling event that in recent years has been made in the NATO Air Base in Maceda (Aeródromo de Manobra Nº 1 - Ovar).

This year we carry out a Battlegroup demo game, with an "High Ground" scenario.

I present you a few pictures of the event.

Photo Report at Portuguese Air Force Site :


O Aeródromo de Manobra N.º1, em Ovar, recebeu cerca de três mil pessoas ao longo dos dois dias de Base Aberta, no fim de semana de 27 e 28 de setembro.

Os visitantes conheceram diferentes aeronaves, tiveram acesso a uma exposição de modelismo, assistiram a demonstrações operacionais e alguns conseguiram mesmo realizar batismos de voo no C-295M.

O público teve ainda oportunidade de esclarecer dúvidas junto dos militares, de visitar o Pólo do Museu do Ar e de passear pela Unidade na viatura blindada APC CONDOR.

The hangar where the event took place.

A general view of the interior of the hangar.

The Battlegroup demo game- It is the visible the Jorge Faria arm explain some of the mechanisms related to the game.

The (well known) JF gaming Table

Jorge sitting with a very cool look, watching an admirer taking some photos of its models.

Some game pics.

Another view from the game table (nice set of rules books).

Just check out (at the botton center) some new buildings from CPRbattlezone.

The German reinforcement.

Jorge "O Brigadeiro" (obrigadeiro.blogspot.com)

The young lady who showed quite interest in the game.

João Campos, the friend who helped out on the disassembling of the gaming table.

What a pair!!

This guy is really photogenic!

Here is a small photo report of the event organized by the Portuguese Air Force, who warmly welcomed the public who went to their barracks.

The Air Force Police K9 units demo.


Some models on display.

And 1/1 scale jet!

An authentic Pak 40 ammo

NUTS!! jeep and Jorge

The Christmas present that Jorge wish to get! Yeah dream on!!

I want a ride...