domingo, 6 de Julho de 2014

American Civil War Locomotives - by Carlos Briz

Figures - Blaze Away

(Class 4-4-0 steam locomotive - United States Military Rairoad)

Now you know why CB took so long to send us new pics:

He was working on a masterpiece! 

Check out this amazing dockyard, related to the ACW!

The Monitor class steamship started a revolution in river warfare, making obsolete in a flash the men-of-war in use at the time.

This class of ships could deliver a pounding and take an usual amount of punches...

Great perspective...

Great job CB!


domingo, 8 de Junho de 2014

Portuguese Colonial Wars & locomotives - by Carlos Briz

(Class 11 1-4-1 steam locomotive - Benguela Railways)

Once again, it is all JF's fault!

Can you believe this guy failed to warn me that this post was on the blogger for weeks now, ready to be "texted"?

These are more detailed pics for a dio that we already placed here, shown to us by CB when we met in Coimbra, last Christmas, and that is full of scratch-built goodies.

The Benguela Railways Company was a private company that explored that Benguela railway line for 99 years (ended in November 2001), and once had the biggest eucalyptus plantation in the world, in order to produce wood to feed it's steam locomotives.


quinta-feira, 5 de Junho de 2014

A Trilogia do Outro Império - Feira do Livro de Lisboa, dia 5 de junho, pelas 19.00 horas

Meus caros,

Hoje, a malta de Lisboa vai ter o privilégio de assistir à apresentação deste fantástico livro, que a excelente e inspirada autora vai realizar na Feira do Livro de Lisboa, por volta das 19.00 horas.

O local será o pavilhão D42, no Parque Eduardo VII.

Um evento a não perder!

Pedro Casimiro

domingo, 1 de Junho de 2014

Spanish Civil War Locomotives - by Carlos Briz

Figures - Pendraken
Vehicles - mix Minifigs and Perrin
(Class CCHNE 030 locomotive - Spanish Northern Railway Company)

CB is back!

Well, did you think our friend CB had retired, or something?

No way, he has been hard at work, and one of this days he is going to surprise everybody with a mega-dio, that will leave all you guys in awe!

But until then, you can enjoy this great dio related to the Spanish Civil War, featuring this great Tupolev SB.

This piece of hardware made a good impression, during this conflict, since it it had a good speed performance. 
However, it seems that it also had a lot of technical problems, induced by the "spit and glue" soviet engineering of the time.

Check out this great perspective of two horse-powered artillery pieces!

Until the end of the first half of the XX century, horses still played a major role in warfare.


domingo, 4 de Maio de 2014

Battlegroup Action!

JMM came to town!

Here you have some of the guys from the BT wargames group, meeting for a "slug-fest", at Marsigor, since JMM arrived in the northern hemisphere and was very eager to organize a "combat reunion".

JF (left) and PC (right) obvioulsly agreed to that, but became very suspicious, since when JMM was very eager like that, things usually became very agitated real fast...

And here you have him: JMM himself!

He is bending over to get a better view of the line of fire of his troops, since this guy does not like to miss an inch...

And, as expected, very soon there was crossfire everywhere, since JMM started a heated argument with JF because of one of the rules of engagment, since he simply did not want to lose one of him tanks...

Here you have JF saying to PC: "I knew it! I knew it!, JMM is always trying to invent new rules when he comes over!"

PC, who is a very calm guy and never argues with JMM about anything, just said: "never mind, let's just let him win the game, and then he will be happy..."

All these pics are a courtesy of Mr. Simão, from Marsigor

Great close-up of a Panther tank (JF courtesy)

Another pic of a new model, recently painted by (who else...) JF.

By the way JF, do not forget to finish painting all the necessary armies to play Impetus real soon, since all the guys, like myself, are eager to start playing those rules!

And stop complaining about all the work we give you, since you, as a civil servant, have always plenty of time to spare...


terça-feira, 29 de Abril de 2014

SCW Locomotives & War Series nº 92 - by Carlos Briz

Figures - Pendraken
Veichles - Minifigs and Perrin

(Class CCHNE 030 locomotive - Spanish Northern Railway Company) 

Oh boy!

The "110th post" related to this outstanding "SCW Locomotives & War Series" is coming up real fast!

This surely will be a date to celebrate and remember, since it represents all the hard work WE have been putting out over here, for many years.

Oh, and our friend Carlos Briz also has contributed something for this too...

And here you have another great dio that CB made, where he applied some of the techniques thats guys like myself have taught him, over the years...

Don't mention it, is always my pleasure...

By the way CB, I already have some ideas on how to celebrate the "100th post".

I'll let you know about them further down the road...

Check out the close-up on this Savoia-Marchetti!

It might have been a cannon fodder kind of airplane, but it sure looked good...


segunda-feira, 14 de Abril de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War nº 91 - by Carlos Briz and Mário Laranja

(Class BR52 Locomotive - German State Railways)

That's right guys, here we have another fruitful joint-venture (modelling wise...) between our good friends CB and ML, that resulted in another outstanding dio!

You guys must have thought that CB had retired or somethig, but there is a really simple explanation related to the reason why more than a month went by without a new post being placed over here, in the most portuguese (but english scribbled...) blog on the world wide web:

It was all JF's fault!

And why, you ask?

Simply because that guy forgot to inform me (for over more that a month...) that he had placed more pics on the blog, since I am the only guy in our BT wargames group that can invent a good story, in several languages, as you surely must have noticed (not the "several laguages" part...yet...).

Well, anyway, all is well, when it ends well, and it all came up to a good ending, since at the time when I am writing this I am very near the actual place were the events portrayed in this dio ocurred, and therefore I can vouch for it's full historical accuracy.

Great dio guys!


quinta-feira, 27 de Fevereiro de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 90 - by Carlos Briz

Veichles - Pithead
Figuras - Minifigs
Rail ripper - Shapeways

(Class BR 74 and E 91 locomotives - German State Railways)

Another day, another train station!

Check out this awsome dio that CB brings us, related to the last (train...) days of the III Reich.

Great pic!


terça-feira, 18 de Fevereiro de 2014

WWI Locomotives & War - by Carlos Briz

Kallistra miniatures

(Class S 3/6 locomotive - Prussian State Railways)

At last, we are back to WWI!

But there are no trenches this time, since CB brings us a dio related to a classic infantry suprise frontal assault, coupled with a cavalry flank manouver, with plenty of pics to check out all the angles!

Early in the war, the advance of the German army through Belgium was fast and furious, and left many civilian victims in its path, leading to the expression "Rape of Belgium".

Reinforcements are coming up!

Great dio CB!


sábado, 8 de Fevereiro de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 89 - by Carlos Briz

(Class FS 650 locomotive - Italian State Railways)

This one is the 89th, and we are coming up on the 100 mark real quick!

That's right guys, this surely will be the year that we will publish the 100th post, related to this outstanding series sponsored by our good friend CB.

Stay tunned or you will miss out on it!

This post is also special, in the sense that it features some exclusive and state-of-the-art hardware, from PITHEAD MINIATURES

In this dio we can see two british Lee medium tanks being blown up by two 90 mm guns - not a fair match. (on the other hand, who said war was fair...)

Kudos are due to our friend Phil, from Pithead, that has sent this material "free of charge", related to the promotion of that fine model, the 90 mm italian autocannone, that you can check out in the dio.

Now it is up to YOU to make him worth his while, and BUY tons of that stuff from him!


domingo, 26 de Janeiro de 2014

"A Trilogia do Outro Império" - Laura Ramos - Lançamento no dia 7 de fevereiro de 2014.

Caros amigos,

Venho aproveitar este espaço, com projeção mundial, para dar a conhecer um fantástico evento que irá ter lugar no próximo dia 7 de fevereiro, pelas 22 horas, na FNAC do NorteShopping (Matosinhos - Srª da Hora), relativo à apresentação/lançamento do excelente livro "A Trilogia do Outro Império", da autoria de Laura Ramos.

Claro que estes elogios são perfeitamente imparciais e nada têm a ver com o facto de a autora ser também a minha esposa...

Conto com a v/ presença neste evento!

Pedro Casimiro