segunda-feira, 14 de Abril de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War nº 91 - by Carlos Briz and Mário Laranja

(Class BR52 Locomotive - German State Railways)

That's right guys, here we have another fruitful joint-venture (modelling wise...) between our good friends CB and ML, that resulted in another outstanding dio!

You guys must have thought that CB had retired or somethig, but there is a really simple explanation related to the reason why more than a month went by without a new post being placed over here, in the most portuguese (but english scribbled...) blog on the world wide web:

It was all JF's fault!

And why, you ask?

Simply because that guy forgot to inform me (for over more that a month...) that he had placed more pics on the blog, since I am the only guy in our BT wargames group that can invent a good story, in several languages, as you surely must have noticed (not the "several laguages" part...yet...).

Well, anyway, all is well, when it ends well, and it all came up to a good ending, since at the time when I am writing this I am very near the actual place were the events portrayed in this dio ocurred, and therefore I can vouch for it's full historical accuracy.

Great dio guys!


quinta-feira, 27 de Fevereiro de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 90 - by Carlos Briz

Veichles - Pithead
Figuras - Minifigs
Rail ripper - Shapeways

(Class BR 74 and E 91 locomotives - German State Railways)

Another day, another train station!

Check out this awsome dio that CB brings us, related to the last (train...) days of the III Reich.

Great pic!


terça-feira, 18 de Fevereiro de 2014

WWI Locomotives & War - by Carlos Briz

Kallistra miniatures

(Class S 3/6 locomotive - Prussian State Railways)

At last, we are back to WWI!

But there are no trenches this time, since CB brings us a dio related to a classic infantry suprise frontal assault, coupled with a cavalry flank manouver, with plenty of pics to check out all the angles!

Early in the war, the advance of the German army through Belgium was fast and furious, and left many civilian victims in its path, leading to the expression "Rape of Belgium".

Reinforcements are coming up!

Great dio CB!


sábado, 8 de Fevereiro de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 89 - by Carlos Briz

(Class FS 650 locomotive - Italian State Railways)

This one is the 89th, and we are coming up on the 100 mark real quick!

That's right guys, this surely will be the year that we will publish the 100th post, related to this outstanding series sponsored by our good friend CB.

Stay tunned or you will miss out on it!

This post is also special, in the sense that it features some exclusive and state-of-the-art hardware, from PITHEAD MINIATURES

In this dio we can see two british Lee medium tanks being blown up by two 90 mm guns - not a fair match. (on the other hand, who said war was fair...)

Kudos are due to our friend Phil, from Pithead, that has sent this material "free of charge", related to the promotion of that fine model, the 90 mm italian autocannone, that you can check out in the dio.

Now it is up to YOU to make him worth his while, and BUY tons of that stuff from him!


domingo, 26 de Janeiro de 2014

"A Trilogia do Outro Império" - Laura Ramos - Lançamento no dia 7 de fevereiro de 2014.

Caros amigos,

Venho aproveitar este espaço, com projeção mundial, para dar a conhecer um fantástico evento que irá ter lugar no próximo dia 7 de fevereiro, pelas 22 horas, na FNAC do NorteShopping (Matosinhos - Srª da Hora), relativo à apresentação/lançamento do excelente livro "A Trilogia do Outro Império", da autoria de Laura Ramos.

Claro que estes elogios são perfeitamente imparciais e nada têm a ver com o facto de a autora ser também a minha esposa...

Conto com a v/ presença neste evento!

Pedro Casimiro

quarta-feira, 15 de Janeiro de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 88 - by Carlos Briz

Vehicles &  Figures - Pendraken

(Class 12 locomotive - Belgian National Railways)

As I mentioned before, I am now the proud owner of this dio, due to the kind generosity of our friend CB!

(or, as JMM would have said it, "this one is mine, mine, ALL MINE"!)

And here you have a some close-up pics of it, so that all of you can also enjoy it, and feel downright...jealous.

You have it all here: train, armour, soft-skinned vehicles, infantry, medical units, a V1 rocket and...windmills!

Thanks again CB!


quarta-feira, 1 de Janeiro de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War nº 87 - by Carlos Briz

Veichles and figures - Minifigs
(Class Köf II locomotive - German State Railways)

Here you have it: the first post of 2014, from the (wonderful and outstanding...) BT blog, that is also one of the best portuguese sites of the world wide web!

(the fact that our blog is all written in english is only a technicality...)

                            Forget the locomotives: just check out the paint job on those great buildings!

CB continues to be the past master of railroad modelling: his trains arrive at the station already rust-dusted!

We wish you all a GREAT 2014!

Do not forget that this year all the fun and games will be in BRAZIL, where the World Cup will take place.

That is why we dedicate this post to our brazilian followers!

By the way, did I already mention to our brazilian followers that all the BT members are available to be sponsored (with everything included, of course...) in a visit to your wonderful country, to check out the World Cup?


Well, WE ARE!!!

(don't worry, we already speak portuguese...)


quinta-feira, 19 de Dezembro de 2013

The Brigada Tripeira Christmas Reunion (2)

Nope, this post is note dedicated to the "WWII Locomotives & War Series"

This post is dedicated to create many JEALOUS followers out there!

Here we bring you all the dios that Carlos Briz made on purpose and brought to our reunion, as christmas GIFTS for the rest of US!

But he was not the only good soul present, since JP also painted and OFFERED each of us a wonderfull cavalry figure, related to the Napoleonic Period - but somehow JF forgot to take the necessary pics.

Are these guys real, you ask? 

Yes they are!

All you can do is: look at them and weep...

These are some of the benefits we have as BT members!

I'm still wondering what CB's and JP's benefits are...

This one was MY treat!

And this dio was JMM's treat.

But this one has a story to it, that I want to share with the world:

As you can expect, when we saw all the goodies CB brought and what he planned to do with them (offer them to us...YES!), all the guys started to line up and share envious stares at each other, wondering who would be the first to choose.

The more rational guys among us decided to make some sort of lotery, to sort out by chance which dio belonged to each guy, and avoid the inevitable bickering.

But at that moment JMM stepped in and said: 


"I am the first one to choose and I choose THAT one!"

"That one is mine, mine, ALL MINE!"

I can assure all of you that these were his exact words. We became frozen and, I must confess, a little scared of him, and we said: 

"It's alright JMM, you can calm down now, we will give you that dio and then you can go home and play with it"

And that settled it...


terça-feira, 17 de Dezembro de 2013

The Brigada Tripeira Christmas Reunion!

Well, here you have them, all the BT members together in one place for the first time EVER!


Not really, when you know that we have guys from Porto, Coimbra, Torres Novas, Palmela and Algarve, all in the same group.

Here you have them, in person (from left to right): Jorge Faria ( - Mário Laranja ( - Carlos Briz - Mário Peneda - Pedro Casimiro - João Pedro Peixoto ( - Miguel Mendes.

Here we have one of the most prolific modellers in all of Portugal!  Carlos Briz

And here you have another masterpiece he brought for the guys to check out in person.

Vehicles - Heli- Shapeways (3d Print) / Figures - Pendraken (Falkland War series)

This dio is related to the portuguese colonial wars, in Africa, where CB places some of the most iconic pieces of hardware used at the time.

Check out that vehicle, custom made (as all the other models placed here in the dio) in a 3D Printer!

And now guys, get ready for the piece de resistance: 

João Peixoto "Man Cave"!

As you know, this guy lives in Coimbra, and, together with CB, has one biggest wargames and modelling colections in Portugal!

Let's start with this model, related to the island of Tarawa

And where did JP buy all this stuff, you ask?

Nowhere: it's ALL scratch-built!


Above you have the artist himself, pointing and saying: I did that, and that, and that, and that...

CB is wondering: I have to improve my (already considerable) output, if  I want to catch up with this guy...

Mário Laranja is staring (mouth wide open...) at the walls - what else can a guy do in this place?

All the nerds together in the same place, sharing the dialect that only modellers and wargamers understand...

ALL the figures exhibited are painted to the highest standard, related to pratically EVERY historic period.

ALL 30.000 + of them, that is....

A model of Minas Tirith  (Lord of the Rings) - scratch-built, of course...

And more figures...

And more figures...

Warships, airplanes and landing crafts, all in the same place.


JP has SEVERAL armoured divisions stationed in his "Man Cave"

I just do not know how he manages to feed all those guys...

The proud owner, and the jealous visitors...

Unassembled models boxes?

Yes, there are hundreds of them there, some related to rare and discontinued models.

Mário Peneda just stares...

Lord of the Rings: Uruk-Hai and Troll's

More stuff from hobbit land

An Oliphant (from Lord of the Rings) and Portuguese "Caravelas" (XV century)

The Samurai collection!

JP Samurai armies were a sight for sore eyes - that was how our eyes already were, at that time...

More armour.

Several 1/72 scale landing crafts, related to WWII - ALL scratch-built

JP is not content with scratch-building these boats: he feels obliged to FILL them with armoured units!

JMM and MP checking out a 1/72 scale WWII patrol boat - guess what: scratch-built!

Here you have JP again, teaching us poor guys how he does things that we will never be able to do ourselves.

Never mind: this only shows that he is a bigger NERD than the rest of us...