quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

GTS-2015 (May 16-17)

Hi guys

Again the "Brigada Tripeira", after the journey to Salute 2015 (London), will also be at GTS-2015 at Coimbra city! And of course, we'll do another "Battlegroup" demo game... and a few other things!

The GTS ('Grande Torneio do Sul') is an annual miniature gaming meet-up, which is going to be held in Coimbra (Portugal) in May 16th/17th 2015. With more than 10 previous editions, this event joins up to 50-100 people national-wide.
For the first time, Coimbra will organise this event and will offer the participants a chance to play and try-out a set of different miniature games. It takes place in Escola Secundária José Falcão during the weekend, and has the support of multiple partners, from stores to local groups.

The aim of this event is to join, in one place, all the miniature wargaming players and collectors around the country, as well as attract new people to this hobby. This is a great way of meeting old friends, making new ones while having a great time.

The main events of GTS 2015, includes 4 different tournaments and a set of side-events including demos, show-cases, and an after-party.

Register now for free: http://gtscoimbra2015.wix.com/gtscoimbra2015

Join us!!


sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2015

"The Worlds" Wargames Event - Lisbon, 11-13 September 2015

Dear all,

We bring you exciting news, related to the organization of an outstanding wargames event, that is due to take place in the month of September (from the 11th to the 13th), in Lisbon, Portugal.

You can check out all the relevant information HERE.

This is one of the most prestigious wargames event in Europe, which is organized every year in a different country. This year, the organization belongs to our good friends from the Associação de Jogos de Simulação de Portugal (AJSP), that is one of the oldest and best organized wargames association in Portugal, who promotes wargaming in Portugal from well over a decade.

The Venue where the event is scheduled to take place could not be more appropriate: the Maritime Museum, in Lisbon.

There are several tournaments that are going to take place during this event, for practically every wargaming taste!

And the Brigada Tripeira combat team will also be there!

With an "Battlegroup" demo game... but we have more goods for you!!

That's right, we took upon ourselves to organize a DBA 3.0 Tournament!

To our knowledge, this will be the first international tournament involving the most recent version of the DBA wargames rules.

We would like to invite all the die-hard DBA wargamers from all over the world to come over to Lisbon, in September, and show their mettle against some of the best DBA wargamers around (that would be us...).

And this is no idle boast, mind you, since the members of the Brigada Tripeira combat team have already participated in DBA tournaments throughout Europe, namely in Milan, Italy (2002), in Angouleme, France (2003), in Farnbourough, England (2003 and 2004), and in Rome, Italy (2009).

Well, now it is your turn to come over here to Portugal and try your luck in the battlefield!


segunda-feira, 9 de março de 2015

WWI Locomotives & War Series - by Carlos Briz

(Class Gt 2x4/4 locomotive - Prussian State Railways)

Long time no see!

That's right, it has been more that a month since we brought you a CB dio.

And there is only one guy to blame for this, as usual: it's JF's fault!

Would you believe this guy only mentioned to me once (or twice...) that we had a post ready to be published, that need a few words? I cannot believe this!

You better get your act together dude, or else we will make you paint even more figures and tanks, for us to wargame with!

We have news to our many British followers (all the 2 or 3 of them...) - some of us are going to London to visit Salute 2015.

Drop us an email, if you want to arrange a meeting!


segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2015

The true wargamer!

"Alchemists turn lead into gold and make money.

Wargamers make money, then turn their gold into lead."

terça-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2015

WWI Locomotives & War - by Carlos Briz

Figures: Irregular; Magister
(Class 030 locomotive - Belgian State Railways)


That's right guys, there was nothing that the Germans loved more in war than to sit, all cosy and warm, in a big house in an occupied territory, and drink the former owner's wine and eat his food.

What a way to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer!

Of course, there was always the risk that the owner of the house might, sooner or later, come back, maybe accompanied by a returning army, but that was a risk that the Germans were always willing to take...

On the other hand, the Germans never promised to leave an occupied house in the same state they found it in the first place. That would be against the most basic principles of a self-respected invading army...


domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War nº 94 - By Carlos Briz

Submarine Aurora - 1/275
Figures - Pendraken
Veichles - Pendraken, Pithead e Minifigs

(Class C50 locomotive - Japan National Railways)

It's number 94, and counting!

That's right guys, we are coming on the 100 mark real quick, regarding the number of dios made by CB, related to WWII locomotives!

This time we have a Japanese locomotive, couppled with a submarine and a seaplane.

This pic turned out great!

The I-19 is a famous Japanese sub, since during the Guadalcanal campaign it made an attack that turned out to be a tough act to follow: with a single salvo of six torpedoes, it managed to sink a aircraft carrier (USS Wasp), a destroyer (USS O'Brien), and severly damage a battleship (USS North Carolina).

There is also at least one bad record associated with the I-19 crew, since in May 1943, after sinking a merchant ship, these guys surfaced and machine gunned some of the surviving sailors. Their adventures at sea finnaly ended in November 1943, when this sub was sank by the USS Radford.


sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2014

Christmas Presents to the Brigada Tripeira members!

Once again, this year we scheduled a meeting in the city of Coimbra, for the anual lunch between the Brigada Tripeira members, since, as you know, we have guys from several parts of Portugal and it is not easy to get all of us together in one place often. 

And guess what: Santa Claus also came to town!

Thats right guys, once again the members of our group received their anual membership benefit, translated in several outstanding dios, given by our private Santa Claus, a,k.a. Carlos Briz!

And here you have some pics related to the dios that CB offered us: put out your napkins and drool all you want...

This one was JMM's gift

This one is mine, mine, all mine!

JP got this one.

Well, this year JMM did not resort to his usual whining, in order to get his hands on the dio he wanted

My guess is that he is still embarassed by the scene he made last year...


quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2014

WWI Locomotives & War - by Carlos Briz

Figures - Magister Militum
(Class 422 locomotive - Belgian State Railways)

CB is back to WWI!

That's right, and this time he brings us a dio related to a river crossing made in the face of a well entrenched enemy. And as an added bonus, the assaulting troops have a locomotive blocking their exit to the other side.

But on the other hand, who said war was as easy as pie??

In this dio the infantry owns the picture, and in real life this would be a meat grinder, for most, if not all, of those guys.

An interesting description of a sucessfull defense of a river (the Marne) crossing by American troops against the Germans, during WWI, can be found in page 80, of the excelent book "American Voices of World War I - Primary Source Documents, 1917-1920"

Here you can check out a cavalry unit in reserve, just in case...